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Insights on Technostress

The Leadership and Wellbeing team of researchers has just released a report on technostress.

Download full report here (portuguese only)

The growing use of technology in the workplace, especially during times of remote work and prescribed confinement during the covid-19 pandemic has brought research interest into the 'dark side' of technology and how it is affecting the productivity and well being of the working class.

Data collected from February 2020 through October 2021 from more than 4.000 working people, with the collaboration of Nova SBE's students, shows that over 50% feel their life is invaded due to work related use of technology.

The research also shows how both techo-overload and techno-invasion is related to higher levels of emotional exaustion which is explained in higher amount by technology addiction as opposed to a lack in motivation that is a much less significant explanation.

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