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A new study on technostress

The Leadership & Wellbeing Observatory team revealed the first findings on their study on Technostress for the People section on the ECO online paper and Expresso. The findings demonstrate that “the more useful the technology is, the more vulnerable are the people who feel technostress, because this combination generates addiction, and this generates more technostress”, explained Filipa Castanheira. Pedro Neves pointed out that “we found that this not only promotes a vicious cycle that increases as time goes by but, on the other hand, people end up being unable to do their job because they are focused on what technology can bring”. “Compulsive behaviours, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night thinking about work” are some indicators of technostress.

Remote working made compulsory in pandemic times can bring bad habits to the workplace that are important to diagnose for future prevention.

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